HADNAGY Studio is a design firm with 10 years of experience, featuring a team of dynamic and creative architects and interior designer.

The essence of our firm is based on personal quality/personal approach. We take pride in our clients treating us as friends, which mirrors their trust and satisfaction with us.

Each of our projects is close to our hearts. It’s the only way we can create quality and value. Our interests are diverse and we are open to new things. The diversity of our projects and our willingness to take on challenging tasks reflects this. This is why our list of projects includes boat design, multispace or even hybrid office redesigns.

In order to achieve work on the level of our set standards we are present in every step of the project and we are proficient in all of their aspects. We have close knit collaborations with fellow designers, professionals and implementation teams. We don’t think of other designers as rivals, rather as a motivating force which encourages self improvement.

We believe that our work doesn’t just move the world forward, but also inspires.